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Gems For The Journey with Matthew and Stephanie Gerrity

May 16, 2022

Has God given you a burden to fast and pray for your nation? Do you desire to restore, rebuild, and/or raise up Kingdom structures for such a time as this? If so, you might be a 'Nehemiah'. Be encouraged! Although you have faced difficult challenges and opposition from every side, you're still standing. Matthew has a timely Word from the Lord to share with you! All across the nations, God's 'Nehemiahs' are coming forth! Are you a 'Nehemiah'? This message is for you!  On today's podcast, Matthew will invite the listener to explore and discover...   

  • The Gem - The Nehemiah Anointing
  • How to apply this Gem to life's journey 
  • Powerful encouragement to the 'Nehemiahs' all across the nations
  • Ground-breaking leadership strategy from Nehemiah 2 to take regions and nations for the Lord

Matthew and Stephanie carry the Glory of God and move in a powerful breakthrough anointing that brings healing, freedom, and deliverance to many. God has graced them with the heart of David, coupled with a strong apostolic and prophetic edge in preaching and teaching the Word of God. They flow mightily in the gifts of the Spirit, especially as skilled minstrels/psalmists. Their ministry is marked by humility and compassion, and it is known for mighty signs, wonders, miracles, healing, freedom, and deliverance in The Name of Jesus. 

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