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Gems For The Journey with Matthew and Stephanie Gerrity

Mar 4, 2022

Many people are very concerned with what kind of aroma they give off in the natural realm. Individuals maintain good hygiene and spend copious amounts of money to make sure they are appealing to everyone they come in contact with. Men buy expensive cologne and women purchase extravagant perfume with the expectation that they will smell sweet and fragrant. This is a wonderful plan, but do we give the same attention to the type of aroma we are giving off spiritually? Do you know that your spiritual life produces a fragrance? Your Faith has a Fragrance. Let's talk about it on this week's podcast.

In this podcast, Matthew will invite the listener to explore and discover... 

  • The Gems - Faith, Fragrance, The Holy Anointing Oil,
  • How to apply these Gems to your daily journey 
  • Thoughts on times and seasons and the signs of the times we are living in
  • Powerful revelation concerning the Anointing  
  • In-depth teaching and reflection on the Fragrance of our Faith

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